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摘要: The Belt and Road Win-Win cooperation 一带一路 合作共赢

This is  Malaysia's Timepiece service center


Reception desk    接待处

They were arm in arm in this work 

Since young, I was mesmerised by the aesthetic beauty of watch mechanics; with time ticking away as I admired its movement; how the combination of wheels, barrels and springs created a perfect harmony informing us the passing of time. It is this passion that drives me to join the industry when the opportunity presents itself and I was fortunate to learn the tricks and skills by attaching myself to a regional watch group. It was also a time where economic prosperity has resulted in the imploding growth in the industry where people realise a watch-on-wrist is no more than just telling time but reflects a person’s taste in appreciative arts as well.


The advent of information technology has enabled extensive knowledge sharing and it is not an exception too among timepiece aficionados where news on collectibles are spread out and shared extensively. However, I have also observed a noticeable shortcomings i.e. many watch aficionados are still unaware that their precious timepieces require proper long-term upkeep and maintenance. In many occasions, and with a heavy heart, I have to break the news to many customers of mine that their watch is beyond repair and unsalvageable; the emotions is no less than being a doctor breaking the bad news to a patient’s family. I have to do something.


And my answer? To set up TSC.

I sincerely hope the TSC franchise will bring great convenience to all timepiece aficionados in the region and to provide a professional and comprehensive technical service platform to serve their needs. TSC fully understands that the value of a timepiece is not determined only by its tangibles, but the intangibles as well i.e. the memories that it instills on the wearer; the latter only add on unfathomable values to a timepiece.

       我很虔诚的希望TSC这个品牌能为名表爱好者们带来无数的便利,同时也为大家提供一个专业和全面性的技术平台?#20013;?#20026;大家服务。TSC深切体会一块名表对主人的意义不单?#30343;?#20854;品牌或产品价值,而是一种经过岁月流逝,渲染着?#32422;?#30340;精?#20351;?#20107;与甜蜜回忆对该主人的无限价值 。

So in TSC, we want to build a community for watch lover; to be a place where not only we talk technicals, but we valued the intangibles too. We want to hear your stories, the memories; share your joy, your sorrows, the inheritance; the heritage values of your timepiece. In TSC, with every watch that you bring in, we have no prejudice and will take great strides to ensure that all will be treated equally by our team so that when you collect it later, the watch will be as good as new.

       所以在TSC, 我们要营造一块名表爱好者的社交圈,我相信每块腕表背后一定有它独特的意义,我们不只重视精湛技术,我们更重视腕表背后的感人故事。我们要聆听您的感人回忆,同您一起分享它的喜悦悲情和传承故事。在TSC, 我们对收到的每一块腕表?#23478;?#35270;同仁,维修师傅们将会尽心尽力使它焕然一新。

So, it is no fluke when our mission is to ensure your timepiece can be well preserved and passed on from one generation to the next. TSC is still a fledgling outfit but we are determined to learn and continue to equip ourselves with more tools and equipments to improve our skills so as to serve our customers better. Yes, time is ticking for TSC but it only ticks us to a bright future with our determination to improve ourselves continuously and relentlessly to provide our valued customers the highest professional standards and gain their trust to be acknowledged as an established inde pendent service centre for their timepieces.  So, watch this!

       因此,TSC使命就是要把这些腕表保养成可以?#26469;?#20256;承。虽然公司还处于萌芽时期,但我们有信心与决心配合各种先进仪器设备,在技术上加倍提升为客户带来更专业的服务。时间一直在流逝,但在TSC, 它只告诉我们正在走向一个美好的将来,因我们都抱着“百尺竿头,更进一步”的精神来为我们的客户服务。








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